How to Put Camera on Tripod Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is a game that can be a bit confusing, especially when it comes to using the camera. The game instructs you to set it up to capture ghost orbs potentially, but understanding how to do that might not be straightforward. Here’s a simple guide on how to put camera on tripod phasmophobia.

1)Varieties of Tripods for Video Cameras:

Varieties of Tripods for Video Cameras

Various types of tripods are available for video cameras, each with its own pros and cons. The most common kinds include:

Standard Tripod:

This is the most widespread tripod type suitable for most video cameras. It offers stability and height adjustments.


 A monopod consists of a single leg, useful for scenarios requiring quick movement. It’s less stable than a tripod but highly portable.

Tabletop Tripod: 

This small tripod is ideal for tabletop or low-angle shots. It’s not as stable as a standard tripod but is more compact.

Fluid Head Tripod:

Featuring a special head for smooth panning and tilting, this tripod is perfect for capturing seamless video footage.

In conclusion, picking the right tripod for your video camera is essential to ensure stable and smooth recordings. Your choice of tripod depends on your specific requirements and the type of shots you aim to capture.

2)Mounting a Video Camera on a Tripod:

Mounting a Video Camera on a Tripod

Mounting a video camera on a tripod is a critical step for capturing high-quality content in Phasmophobia. Here’s how to do it:

Choose a Tripod:

 Begin by selecting a strong and stable tripod capable of holding your camera. Opt for one with adjustable legs and a head that can move horizontally and vertically.

Attach the Camera: 

Most tripods feature a quick-release plate that connects to your camera’s underside. Fasten the plate to your camera’s tripod mount and then slide it onto the tripod head.

Set Up the Tripod: 

Modify the tripod’s leg height and angle to your liking. Ensure the tripod is level and firmly planted.

Set Up the Camera: 

Use the tripod head to arrange the camera’s position. Tilt it up or down and pan left or right until you achieve the desired framing.

Test the Shot:

 Before commencing recording, evaluate the shot to confirm it’s properly framed and in focus.

Commence Recording: 

Once content with the shot, begin recording. Keep an eye on the camera’s stability and adjust it as necessary.

In Phasmophobia, mounting a video camera on a tripod is indispensable for collecting evidence of paranormal activity. It enables you to maintain a stable and focused camera view of the specific area you want to monitor. 

Additionally, it allows you to keep your hands free for using other equipment like the EMF reader or spirit box. Ensure the camera is positioned strategically to capture the maximum possible paranormal activity.

3)Adjusting Tripod Height and Angle:

Placing a video camera on a tripod in Phasmophobia involves a few simple steps to ensure you capture the best possible footage during your ghost-hunting adventures. Here’s how to do it:

Setting up the Tripod: 

First, make sure the tripod is correctly set up. Extend the legs to your desired height and ensure the tripod is stable and firmly grounded.

Attaching the Camera to the Tripod: 

Locate the mounting plate on the camera’s bottom, featuring a screw hole at its center. Align this plate with the tripod head and securely fasten it in place. Confirm that the camera is firmly attached to the tripod before proceeding.

Adjusting Height and Angle:

 To adjust the camera’s height, simply extend or retract the tripod legs. To modify the angle, use the tripod head to tilt the camera either upward or downward.

Ensuring Camera Level: 

It’s crucial to ensure the camera is level before you start recording. You can achieve this by using a bubble level or by checking the camera’s display. Once the camera is perfectly level, it’s ready to start recording.

In conclusion, setting up a video camera on a tripod in Phasmophobia involves preparing the tripod, attaching the camera, and adjusting the camera’s height and angle.

 Always ensure that the camera is level before hitting the record button. With these straightforward steps, you’ll be ready to capture top-quality footage of your paranormal investigations in Phasmophobia.

4)Securing the Camera to the Tripod:

Securing the Camera to the Tripod

Properly securing your camera to the tripod is a crucial step when setting up a video camera for Phasmophobia. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Begin by ensuring that the tripod is positioned on a stable surface. This will prevent any unwanted camera shaking or accidental falls during your recording.
  • Next, attach the camera to the tripod head. Most tripods come with a convenient quick-release plate that attaches to the camera’s bottom. Simply screw this plate onto the camera’s tripod mount and then slide it onto the tripod head.
  • Once the camera is securely attached to the tripod head, you can proceed to adjust the camera’s angle and position. This adjustment will depend on the specific scene and angle you intend to capture.
  • To prevent the camera from moving or shifting during recording, firmly tighten the locking mechanism on the tripod head.
  • Finally, perform a quick test to ensure that the camera is stable and securely fastened. Gently move the tripod to see if the camera remains steady. If any movement or shaking occurs, simply adjust the locking mechanism on the tripod head until the camera is completely stable.

Keep in mind that the setup process can vary depending on the type of tripod and camera you’re using. Some cameras may require additional attachments or specific adjustments to ensure they are firmly secured to the tripod. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for precise setup guidance.

Bottom Line: How to Put Camera on Tripod Phasmophobia

In conclusion, placing your camera on a tripod in Phasmophobia is a fundamental aspect of your ghost-hunting adventure. It’s all about ensuring your camera stays still to capture those spine-tingling moments and paranormal evidence.

Starting with the tripod setup, always make sure it’s on a solid, stable surface. You wouldn’t want the camera wobbling or, even worse, toppling over when you’re in the midst of recording ghostly encounters. Next comes attaching the camera. 

Most tripods have a handy quick-release plate that makes this step a breeze. It’s like connecting the pieces of a puzzle – simply screw the plate onto your camera’s tripod mount, slide it onto the tripod head, and voila, you’re ready.

Once your camera is on the tripod, the key is to adjust its position correctly. Tilt it up or down, pan left or right, all to frame your ghost-hunting scene perfectly.

 The final step, and perhaps the most critical, is locking everything in place. That’s the secret sauce to keep your camera steady and focused throughout your investigation.

But remember, each camera and tripod may have its quirks, so it’s a good practice to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for that extra peace of mind.

With your camera securely mounted, you’re all set to document the paranormal mysteries that Phasmophobia has in store. So go ahead, start your ghost-hunting journey, and capture those spine-chilling moments with confidence! Happy hauntings!

FAQs about How to Put Camera on Tripod Phasmophobia

How Does a Tripod Mount Work?

A tripod used in photography typically consists of three legs and a mounting head that connects to a camera. The mounting head usually has a screw that tightens into a threaded hole on the camera. It also has a mechanism to adjust the camera’s rotation and tilt when it’s fixed to the tripod.

Can any Camera Be Used With Any Tripod?

Whether a camera can be used with a tripod depends on factors such as the size and weight of the camera and the tripod’s mount size. Many tripods come with a standard 1/4-inch screw mount, which works with most cameras. However, some cameras might need a different-sized screw mount, making them incompatible with certain tripods.

What is a 3-way Tripod Head?

A 3-way tripod head has three arms, and each arm allows you to adjust the camera’s position in a different direction: up and down, side to side, and for panning.

 To change the camera’s position, you need to loosen the specific arm, move the camera, and then tighten the arm again. It’s somewhat similar to a ball head but with separate adjustments for each direction.

How to Put Camera on Tripod Phasmophobia

Picking up a video camera and placing (default: F on keyboard) it on top of the tripod will mount the camera on the tripod. Carrying the tripod afterwards will bring the camera along as well, so the player does not need to carry both an empty tripod and an unmounted video camera.

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