Can You Bring a Tripod to Disney World?

Planning to take a tripod with you on your Disney World trip? That’s a great idea, and many folks feel the same. Tripods come in handy for capturing stunning photos, long exposures, and videos, plus they can ease the strain on your neck and shoulders from holding your camera for extended periods.

But, can you bring a tripod to Disney World? Will Disney security allow it, or will they ask you to leave it behind at your hotel? And do you actually need one in the first place? Perhaps it’s more trouble than it’s worth!

No need to be concerned, we have all the solutions you require. In this post, we’ll provide you with comprehensive information about tripods (and monopods) at Walt Disney World. We’ll cover which parks permit them and which don’t, the types of tripods that are allowed, and those that aren’t. 

We’ll also address situations where tripods might be temporarily prohibited. You’ll learn how to set up a perfect photo spot with your tripod, and how to pack and store it when moving between locations (even when flying). 

We’ll even discuss other camera gear worth bringing and help you figure out if you truly need a tripod in the first place. And more!

Generally, tripods are not permitted within the theme parks or on the rides, except for a few specific cases:

Can You Bring a Tripod to Disney World:

Can You Bring a Tripod to Disney World

While visitors are allowed to bring tripods into Disney World, there are specific rules to follow. For example, tripods are generally not permitted on most rides and attractions. 

They should not be placed in walkways or any areas that might block the flow of foot traffic. Furthermore, using tripods to film or photograph the park’s live shows or performances requires prior permission from Disney. 

Visitors are encouraged to be considerate of other guests when using tripods, avoiding any actions that could obstruct views or cause inconvenience.

  • You can bring a tripod to certain outdoor locations like the beach, campgrounds, and parking lots, but it’s not permitted inside attraction buildings.
  • You can use a tripod at outdoor movie events, such as “Movies Under The Stars.”
  • Tripods are permissible during specific special events like the Food and Wine Festival, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and more.

Disney World’s Rules for Bags:

Disney World's Rules for Bags

Disney World’s Bag Policy permits guests to bring bags and personal items into the park, including camera equipment like tripods. However, there are specific regulations regarding the size and type of bags allowed, so it’s crucial to review the policy before your visit.

As per the latest update, Disney World’s Bag Policy stipulates that bags should not exceed the dimensions of 24″ in length, 15″ in width, and 18″ in height. 

Prohibited items like weapons, alcohol, or illegal drugs are not allowed in these bags. Strollers and wheelchairs are also welcome, provided they do not surpass 31″ in width and 52″ in length.

Regarding camera equipment, tripods are permissible within the park as long as they conform to the bag size restrictions. However, it’s important to consider the practicality of carrying a tripod throughout the day, as it can be cumbersome. 

Disney World’s Bag Policy is established to ensure the safety and convenience of all visitors, so adherence to the regulations will enhance your overall experience.

Items Not Allowed at Disney World:

Items Not Allowed at Disney World

As per the most recent information, bringing a tripod into Disney World is not explicitly forbidden. However, it’s crucial to be aware that Disney World maintains a list of items that are not permitted inside the park. 

These prohibited items encompass weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs, and any objects that might pose a safety risk.

Although tripods are not specifically mentioned on the list of prohibited items, it’s essential to consider the size and weight of the tripod. If the tripod is excessively large or heavy, it could be deemed a safety concern and may not be allowed in the park.

Furthermore, Disney World enforces restrictions on tripods within the park. Guests are not permitted to set up tripods in locations that could obstruct other guests’ views or impede foot traffic.

To sum it up, while there is no explicit prohibition against bringing a tripod into Disney World, it’s crucial to evaluate the tripod’s size and weight and adhere to the park’s guidelines regarding tripod usage.

 As always, it’s advisable to consult Disney World’s website or reach out to guest services for specific inquiries or concerns.

How to Capture Photos at Disney World:

How to Capture Photos at Disney World

The most common way to have your pictures taken at Disney World is by using the services of Disney’s professional photographers. You can find these photographers at various locations throughout the parks, including famous spots like Cinderella Castle and Spaceship Earth. They are also present at character dining restaurants, parades, special events, and other select places.

Simply approach a photographer, ask them to take your photo, and either scan your MagicBand or PhotoPass card or use your park ticket if you don’t have a MagicBand. The photographer may offer posing suggestions and tips to ensure you get the best possible shot, so relax, smile, and enjoy the experience!

Another way to get your picture taken is while enjoying one of the park’s attractions. Some rides, like Splash Mountain, Tower of Terror, and Test Track, have cameras that capture moments during significant parts of the ride, such as a thrilling drop or a tight turn.

 As you exit the attraction, you can view these photos by scanning your MagicBand or PhotoPass card, just like with the other photographers in the park.

How to Capture a Selfie at Disney World:

How to Capture a Selfie at Disney World

Taking a great picture of yourself at Disney World can be challenging. Getting the right angle and fitting everything into the frame can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a tripod or a selfie stick, which are not allowed in Walt Disney World.

Here are some alternative methods to capture a fantastic self-portrait:

  • Use the timer function on your camera.
  • Consider using a remote shutter control, like the one available on Amazon. It works with DSLR cameras and many cell phones (you might need an adapter for most cell phones).
  • If you have an iPhone, use burst mode to take multiple shots and pick the best one later. This approach is also useful when you don’t want to take all the photos yourself. Ask a fellow guest to snap several photos in succession as they walk by your group, and then select the best shot.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask a stranger to take your photo. Most people are willing to help but keep in mind that they may not capture everyone in the shot unless their camera has a wide-angle lens. Whenever possible, it’s a good idea for others in your group to have their cameras ready to capture memorable moments at Disney World.

Is it Allowed To Bring a Selfie Stick to Disneyland:

Is it Allowed To Bring a Selfie Stick to Disneyland

While you can bring a selfie stick to any Disney World park, using it on most rides is prohibited. Selfie sticks are not allowed on many attractions, and park staff will request that you stow your stick before entering the ride queue.

Disney does not provide an official list of attractions that permit or prohibit selfie sticks, but generally, roller coasters and high-speed thrill rides like Expedition Everest, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, Mission: SPACE, and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith do not allow selfie sticks or loose objects. 

Other attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean and Na’vi River Journey usually permit guests to bring their belongings into the ride vehicle. However, if an attraction warns against loose articles, such as Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, there is a possibility that it may ban selfie sticks.

In some areas at Disney World where tripods are not allowed, you can use a monopod instead. For example, at Epcot fireworks viewing areas along the World Showcase lagoon, with a few exceptions, only monopods are allowed to help guests capture photos of the shows from their reserved spots.

Disney World Photography Rules:

As per Disney World’s Photography Guidelines, guests can bring collapsible tripods into the parks, provided they can fit within a standard backpack or bag. However, setting up tripods in walkways or areas that may obstruct foot traffic is not allowed.

It’s essential to keep in mind that Disney World’s policies and guidelines can change at any time. At the time of the latest update, no changes have been made to the tripod policy. 

Nevertheless, it’s advisable to refer to the official Disney World website or contact guest services for the most current information.

Photography is a popular activity at Disney World, and the parks offer numerous opportunities for guests to capture enchanting moments. Along with tripods, guests can also bring cameras, camcorders, and selfie sticks into the parks. 

However, there are specific restrictions on using these devices on particular attractions and during specific shows.

In summary, guests are encouraged to document their Disney World memories through photography, but it’s crucial to do so in a safe and considerate manner. 

By adhering to the guidelines and being considerate of others, guests can enjoy their photography experience while also respecting the enchantment of Disney World.

Renting Out Tripods at Disney World:

Can you take a tripod to Disney World? Yes, you can bring a tripod to Disney World. Nevertheless, there are some restrictions on tripod usage within the park. 

For example, tripods are not permitted on any of the attractions or rides. Furthermore, you cannot obstruct walkways or hinder other guests’ views while using a tripod.

It’s essential to be aware that Disney World enforces stringent security measures, and all bags are subject to inspection when entering the park. Therefore, it’s advisable to inform security personnel that you have a tripod in your bag to ensure everything is clear and timely.

If you prefer not to bring your own tripod, you have the option to rent one at Disney World. You can find the rental service at multiple spots within the park, such as the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. The rental fee is reasonable, and you can rent a tripod for the entire day.

In summary, bringing a tripod to Disney World is permitted, but there are specific usage restrictions. If you choose not to bring your tripod, you have the option to rent one at the park. 

It’s crucial to adhere to the park’s rules and regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests.

Bottom Line:

We trust that this article has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of tripods at Disney World!

Utilizing a tripod in Disney World can be a fantastic method to capture distinctive photographs. It can also serve as a valuable tool for including your entire family in a single image, especially if you’re using a selfie stick. 

The restrictions on tripods are in effect to ensure the safety and comfort of fellow visitors. While they are generally not permitted inside attractions and are restricted on most days, there are specific places and occasions where they are allowed. 


What is a Memory Maker?

Memory Maker is an extra feature for your Disney vacation that grants you access to all your PhotoPass images (see the following question for more on PhotoPass). This encompasses photos taken by Disney photographers in front of famous park attractions and at certain dining venues. It also allows you to acquire ride photos and videos.

Memory Maker can be purchased at any time, whether before or after your vacation. If you buy it in advance, it costs $169, and you have a 30-day window from the initial activation date to use your Memory Maker benefits before it expires. 

If purchased after arriving, it costs $199, and the benefits remain available for 45 days from activation or until fully utilized.

Can you bring a monopod to Disney World?

While it’s unlikely that you’ll require a monopod at Disney World, if you decide to bring one, the regulations are quite similar to those for tripods. Monopods are permitted at Disney World, but they must be shorter than 36 inches and are not allowed on rides. Additionally, they cannot be utilized during character meet-and-greets.

Can Disney Photographers Use Your Phone?

This means you’ll have numerous opportunities to capture some fantastic photos. Additionally, PhotoPass photographers will take pictures using their cameras and also their own. That’s correct: Even if you don’t buy any photos from Disney, you can still have PhotoPass photographers take pictures with your phone or camera.

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